Anybody else growing strawberrys in zone 7?

anybody have strawberry’s in zone 7? what kind of strawberrys and do you have pictures of them. I have Ozark that are growing great, early glow, and 1 more kind I think.

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Yes I am in zone 7 and i grow Mara des Bois. Day neutral.

i am in zone 7 and grow, rutgers scarlet, scarlet, yellow wonder, purple wonder, white d and mara des bois
this is my first year sampling fruit so i do not have much experience yet, but zone 7 appears to be a good zone for strawberries

here is a picture of white d
a white fruited strawberry also known as a pineberry

also here is a picture i took today, the little white one on the bottom is a white d

the one to the far right is a purple wonder

the white ones are yellow wonder

and the rest of them are rutgers scarlet all picked today along with some mme hardy roses, the smell of this bowl is fantastic


Not in zone 7, but close (6b), we planted Earliglow and Jewel last year and the EG are starting to produce now. We actually picked our first berry today, and hope to get many more. The Jewel row is blooming also, but the fruits are just now starting to form.

We put straw on them before it got really cold last December, and the plants seemed to handle a very cold winter (for us) and have really grown well this spring.

Those look amazing. Would you be willing to sell any plants? I’m in the Hamptons on Long Island.