Anybody growing Mariposa or Burgundy plum in Southern California?

I’d really like to taste a Mariposa and/or Burgundy plum before I add a tree to my orchard. I’m in San Diego, but heading up to Ventura this Sunday, so if you live anywhere in between, please let me know if you have a ripe Mariposa or Burgundy plum I can sample. I’m trying to find the plum variety that I grew up with in Oxnard forty years ago. My dad had said he thought it was Satsuma, so when I planted my orchard three years ago I planted a Satsuma plum. Now that it’s fruited, I can say it’s not the same variety I grew up with. My reading suggests that it was probably Mariposa, or Burgundy, but I don’t want to plant one, and wait another three years to discover that’s wrong too.

Please send me an email, or PM if you are willing to let me taste your Mariposa and/or Burgundy plum, and you live between San Diego and Santa Barbara Ca.


You can also offer to pay for postage if anyone who has the fruit would be willing to mail a few to you. It would cost you a bit but it will save you three years.

Where did you get your Satsuma?

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Call and or visit farmers markets. I live in NorCal, harvested both varieties a week and a half ago on my property. Stone fruit usually ripen a couple of weeks sooner in SoCal.

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Santa Monica farmers market is said to be a premier destination for California fruit growers, even those up north. I believe that this farmers market is on Main Street on Sundays, so you can go there today (there is also another farmers market at a different location in Santa Monica on Wednesdays). However, I’m afraid these varieties might be out of season by now.

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