Anybody Have Whitney Crabapple?


Found these at local nursery. Anyone have one that can describe taste and if they are worth growing one?

Someone nearby me has it. It’s still a little tart to me… say relative to something like a Gala. Much more edible than those sour bomb tiny crabapples. I think I measured 10 or 11 brix last time I tried it.

Would you buy them at farmers market?

Ummm… Are you trying to gauge market interest? O_o

Or are you asking me if I would like it enough to pay a premium for it over supermarket common apples? Are you trying to asking me if it’s worth growing? :thinking:

I sell and eat. Is it worth growing for either?

Whitney makes for really good pickled/spiced crabs.

Not sure they’d sell at a farmer’s market. I like eating a few of them, but chestnut crabs eat better IMO

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Thanks. Just found it at the local nursery and looked interesting. After hearing you guys, think I will pass on it.

I’ll be honest. I’m probably not the best person to ask about apples. It’s not my thing. I do like them to make hard cider…

@alan @scottfsmith any thoughts?

I like eating Wickson enough to have grafted it onto an important tree, but it isn’t at all a pest-free variety. Highly flavored with lots of acid and sugar, so probably a good cider apple.

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