Anybody use this pest trap?

Can anyone attest that this Tap Trap Wasp/Hornet trap works? It is sold in Europe and the U.S.

I have a Asian Giant Hornet problem so I want to get some traps. I know I could make my own, but these are cheap and I wouldn’t have to cut any holes in any bottles

They sell just the top part that you clip onto a bottle


Glad I live in an area that so far and hopefully never has this pest. Cicada killers are frightening enough.

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We don’t have a lot of the larger (yellow) hornets here (European, Asian, whatever). But we do have lots and lots of yellowjackets. They make up for their smaller size with numbers and ferocity… And as such it’s my goal to make them extinct, at least in my little corner of the world :wink:

That kind of trap I’d consider “reactive” as it’s trying to catch workers after a nest has been established and many eggs have hatched. If you’re interested in trying a more “pro active” approach there are a bunch of how-to’s and articles out there, for instance:

The typical scenario is some kind of bait (usually chicken) along with a micro-encapsulated insecticide (I like Fipronil).

If you can kill that queen before she lays a ton of eggs… Or get a worker to take some bait back to the nest and kill her before even more eggs are laid… Less trapping later, less fruit damage, less getting attacked if you step in the wrong spot!

Good luck.

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Thanks, I read it. Very interesting.

I am American and I grew up in Mississippi so I know how mean yellow jackets are but here in Italy they are not aggressive and don’t sting. They also don’t mess with the apples much.

Those Asian hornets are 2-3 bigger than the yellow jackets and can eat a whole apple in a few days


In Europe the Asian hornets are mainly seen as a threat to bees, and thus to pollination. I might try out this 3D-printable jar-lid coming season. The YouTube video in the description definitely seems to prove it is effective (and selective!). I think this mason-jar design has the same holes. Might be easier to find a compatible jar for this one in the US.

This type of trap works to trap them but not useful if you want them to take Fipronil or Borax back to the nest as a poison.

To hit the queen in the nest, can you put fipronil on a meat like chicken? I’m guessing you need to let them take it instead of trapping them