Anyone breeding Figs?

Figs are a weird fruit
Like an inside out flower.
Wonder if anyone else has tried deliberate crosses between 2 figs.
I’d like to try to get seeds
From a good
early ripe fig
Crossed with a similar early fig.
I’ve heard that the Turkish figs imported
Have viable seeds
But what would you get?

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You can’t cross 2 females, you need a special type of caprifig that does not require pollination… Then you can get half caprifigs seedlings, and half will drop without pollination. So, 25% will be edible females that do not need pollination.

If you start seeds from dried figs you cannot know whether the caprifig needs pollination or not, if it does then all of the seedlings will drop unless pollinated.

And actually, since caprifigs can pollinate one another, they can have 2 “male” genes, which means any seed they pollinated will be a caprifig. So knowing which caprifig pollinated the seeds is super important.

Sounds like I need to know what was crossed in advance, like from a serious breeder.

There are some people doing that yet it’s a ton of work, a lot of trial and error. That is why a lot of people let nature do the work for them, like hunting down bird planted fig trees in California that fig waps pollinated, nature does all the work that way. Yet that way it’s impossible to know for sure what the parent trees were.

There are a few people experimenting with it, yet I myself would not try unless I had ten acres of land, because you never know what you will get, each seedling would be different in the same cross.

I am no kid.
May not live to see the results.

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