Anyone else have this knot on their sweet treat pluerry?

Hi everyone

I don’t think that anyone else has had this problem since I’ve never seen anyone else post
about it. But I went out this week and found black knot on a couple scaffold branches. I can save the branches by cutting off 3/4 of one branch and 1/2 of another. My question is should I do it now or wait til late winter/early spring like many of the books recommend? I did have some on my big blue plum that I pruned off this winter/early spring.

I think if I remember correctly, Alan and possibly Scott said that they prune out and or cut off branches that have this during the spring and or summer. Just looking for some advice and have included pics of the infection.


I had the problem as well… see

If you read this you will see Sweet Treat won the prize as the most susceptible, its extreme.

Any time you see a knot, prune it out! If its only on one side of a limb you can just cut the one side off (back to clean wood), but many of yours look all the way around.

I had to remove a major scaffold on my Sweet Treat due to a large knot. It came in handy as a spot to put a Nadia backup graft, it looks like the main Nadia tree is going to die.

Sweet Treat seems like a bust all around at this point. I am going to give it one more chance to fruit this year.

Scott, Any idea why your Nadia tree may be dying?

Scott tell us about your Nadia. Mine has been a weak grower right from the start. The tree looked great when shipped but once it broke dormancy it only grew a few inches and stalled out. If yours is looking like mine I can see why you think it’s a turd. I hope I’m wrong though.

I never jumped on the Nadia train…glad i waited. Hopefully some have success with it.

My Nadia looked very healthy when I got it and its in a good spot. My only guess is it froze during shipment or some other calamity. The tree has never shown any vigor at all for me. Fortunately its going well on the Sweet Treat already.

@Borer_the_explorer, my tree sound about like yours. Mine didn’t grow more than an inch of leaves before it stalled.

Perhaps it will settle down next year. Maybe does not take well to transplanting.