Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


Found hericoum, small but delicious. Also had some hen of the woods which was good too just not as good. Hope to find more


got about 3 lbs of blue oysters on a maple log on my property. never seen the blue ones up here. only the white. were just as tasty tho.! should contine to get some every year from there as that log was only felled 2 yrs ago.


where do you usually find them under? the few i found were under spruces growing amongst the moss.


been getting lots more wine caps and some blewits around my mulched trees and bushes. late for wine caps but they still are coming!


Low hardwood timber forest, mainly water oak, proble 30-50 year old woods. Finally getting enough moisture in the last month. Could’ve picked many pounds but I was short on time just checking some food plots.


We’re in the atchafalaya basin, South Louisiana. Can normally find them from about July until it gets cool the end of this month then the oyster mushrooms turn on. I like chanterelles better.


Pear shaped puffballs.


What are some of the better mushroom identification references for the area I am in, South Louisiana?





The first Shaggy Mane I’ve seen come up this season. Brady


Lord kiwi, gosh those yellow mushrooms are fly agaric. They are usually red but come in yellow as well. They are poisonous and hallucigenetic. (Sp?). They are beautiful though. I make cookies every year in their shape for good luck to friends, which is what they symbolize.


I am aware, they are the largest specimens I have ever seen. just gorgeous. Not for me but they can be render edible by parboiling. Did you know the notion that Reindeer fly came from how drug high they get after eating them. Native medicine man would then drink the reindeer pee to get high, and there trainees would drink there pee to get high. Talk about recycling.


Yes, they also grow in pine forests, their favorite habitat, in Germany to Finland. It is why the tales said, ‘Reindeer could Fly’!!! The reindeer would eat them! Oh Santa. . .


Found under a Yew tree I believe.


they are all over up here in Maine. bright orange too!


Is this hen of the woods


Here is the full mushroom


It is chicken of the woods. Hen is this:


Galinas, that must be 40 lbs! A friend who was out deer hunting sent me a pic of one, and I am going saturday (in a oak and hickory only woods, so specifically for HOTW). But I can’t hope to match your haul.


Believe or not, we picked it on the morning dog walk in the concervation land in the city of Worcester, area you can walk around in 30 min. And we didn’t go much off trail. It is first time we found more than couple in a season there. DH had to run to the car to get some grossery bags. It took us 3 hours to clean and cut it, outcome is 12 liters of parboiled mushrooms, we going to feeze most of it.