Anyone grafting persimmons yet?

I was thinking of starting persimmon grafting this weekend as my virginiana rootstocks are starting to leaf out. But the weather is remaining somewhat cool so maybe I’ll wait until they are further along…some rootstocks are still dormant. What are the other persimmon people doing?

I’m waiting at least two more weeks. But I’m also farther north.

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I grafted American persimmons in the early April way before the rootstocks woke up. The rootstocks started to leaf out about a week ago. The buds on the grafts are swollen green and are ready to pop up.

Wait for a couple inches of leaf, or at least an inch. When the leaves are still in bud shape the sap may not be flowing well yet. If you want to be certain, check for bark slip - cut off some rootstock and see if you can easily peel the bark off. Avoid really hot spells as well - not a problem for this spring so far!

I am also waiting until warm weather and rootstock , maybe two more weeks.

I did mine about 3 weeks ago. I think most are pushing buds. I don’t know why I need more persimmons, but I keep adding them

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Thanks all, I’ll probably wait a bit longer. Most rootstocks started pushing buds but then it cooled down and they slowed.

I am not insisting that it is the right way. Those are my first persimmons to graft. But I am really happy that they started to grow.

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I will do persimmon grafting this weekend. I just got nailed by a pea to marble sizes hail storm for 10 minutes straight yesterday at 3AM. It knocked lots of leaves and baby fruitlets off all my fruit trees. I guess I won’t be doing anymore thinning. Luckily most of the new grafts from 3 weeks ago only got leaves damaged.


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Tony, I think I’ve heard the hail in the middle of the night. But I had not seen any damage from it, so it was too fast to past.
I hope you still have plenty of fruits left.

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buds were opening here in S Wisconsin last week late, I am traveling this week till Friday but will be grafting this weekend or next week. Have apple rootstock I need to abused yet too.

I am south of most persimmon grafters. Zone 8 mid Georgia. All were grafted in mid and late April.

I planted three two foot whips in early April and they are still dormant.

Don’t worry, mine I planted last fall are still dormant. One is just swelling buds now, actually.

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Several of my second year hybrid seedlings have started leafing out, none of my kakis have, and only prok and Geneva long of my Americans have. I’m excited to follow the progress of the seedlings and hope some will eventually be early season producers.

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Maria, what graft did you use? Last year I did whip and tongue with good success.

Kelby, I also used deep whip and tongue, my favorite. I think parafilm helps a lot on keeping moisture in the graft, so you can graft even dormant plants.


I’ve been grafting as rootstocks are ready and time permits. This is Sheng and Great Wall on virginiana.


Prok from @SMC_zone6 looking good!


Congrats on the take Kelby. All my persimmon grafts are push growth about the same as your graft.