Anyone grow Earligrow and Sparkle strawberries?

Looking to put in some June bearers. I’m looking for a smaller berry (medium size) which is conical in shape with great taste. Based on my research, Sparkle and Earligrow might fit the bill.

Does anyone grow either or both? Would you recommend?


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The vicinity/climate of an area have a lot to do with this.

I have grown, and would not hesitate to do so again, both those varieties here in Kentucky.

But, somebody else should chime in and advise you concerning New York.

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I grew Seascape and they produced in the spring then again in the fall but failed to ripen any of the fall crop.

Sparkle produced wonderful berries, great flavor. I think I was sent the wrong variety for Earliglow, and then the gophers totally ruined them.


both are awesome berries and sparkle comes on after earliglo so you should have berries from mid june to late july.


(Er, early May to mid June if you’re in Kentucky!)

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Maybe a month after for me, which isn’t a problem!

Would you say that Sparkle is more regular in shape than Earligrow or vice versa? I usually use my stawberries to decorate pastries so misshapen berries are my enemy! I like to use Mara des Bois but it’s not the biggest producer.


Good question…and both are pretty uniform, but Earliglo is the more uniform (though smaller).

ps…The Sparkle is 10 days or so later…so you’d need both.

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Awesome, thank you!

Lack of boron can make strawberries misshapen.

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