Anyone grow pixie dwarf grapes?

hey folks. thinking of putting some of these dwarf grapes around my trees as they only grow 2-3ft. anyone have some of these?

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I bought 3 I hope they survive the winter. They are still in there original pots outside.

Thank you for bringing this cultivar to my knowledge :slight_smile:

It is a very interesting one !

It is derived from the L1 layer of the pereclinal chimera Pinot Meunier. It is dwarfed, produce flowers instead of tendrils, and so can produce flowers (and berries) continuously if conditions are met !

Also of interest is that this condition is semi-dominant, and so selfed seeds from Pixie can produce semi-dwarf cultivars that may be more interesting for gardeners (Pixie is originally produced for research purposes and taking the least space is welcome).

Would love to get some material from you guys, as the cultivar is unavailable in France, to cross with table grape cultivars to produce continously flowering dwarf and semi dwarf cultivars !

Capture du 2017-12-18 08-00-42
Capture du 2017-12-18 08-00-24

You can PM me for more info on the Nature article those images are from

be glad to as soon as i can get some. :wink:

they should as they’re z3 hardy. thats why i want some and I’m limited on space.