Anyone grow Von Blackberry?

Anyone grow Von Blackberry? I am replacing my triple crown and looking for something else.

I have not grown it, but have seen it growing at the research farm not too far from me and tasted it. It ripens about the same time as Navaho, but does not get orange rust like Navaho. The yield in the trials was over 20K pounds per acre with a sugar level slightly less than Navaho.

Jim Ballington from NC State was involved with the breeding of this variety and made the final selection. Ballington is well know for his blueberry plant breeding which produced many successful variety including O’neil, Powder Blue and dozens of others. I believe he was involved with the Contender peach also.

I 'm planting a row next year and I’m confident it will be a good choice.


I have eaten 3 berries from my triple crown in 4 years, time for it to go. I will give Von a try, where are you getting them from?

Probably Jones Farms or Berries Unlimited.


This is the first year I have gotten a full crop on Von and it may be my new favorite blackberry. It is slightly later than my Arkansas blackberries.


Von is a very good and sweet berry for me. Agree on it being later than Arkansas blackberries (Natchez, Osage, Ouachita).

I find that odd, since heard such good reviews, and I’ve even seen triple crown setting fruit fairly nicely in the containers that are for sale at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Are they not blooming much? Are bees visiting enough? Or are they not setting due to disease? Even with self fertile plants, fruiting is still better with cross pollination. Otherwise maybe test your soil or call your local recourses for possible issues with the region. Maybe try planting some of your next variety near your current patch and see if the fruit set is better next season.

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I don’t think triple crown performs well in high heat. It was either the summer heat or lack of chill hours that held it back.


Oh! Yea I keep forgetting to check what zone people are growing in. Though TC is said to be a zone 5-9 Variety.

I have triple crown that has set good crops about half the time, and the other half had almost no berries at all. This year they are very abundant. Im in 5b, so the low end of their specified range.

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