Anyone Growing Aztec Spinach or Huauzontle?

I saw a video on these guys. They look like they are way easier to grow than brassicas and have a similar flavor.
Anyone have a take on them?

Yes, these are relatives of Lamb’s Quarter and Quinoa.

Any idea where I can get seeds, Richard? Baker Creek sells a red variety. Having a hard time finding a green.

It’s a native weed here. It’s also a fad in the western world. Be aware that the so-called slow bolting varieties bolt very fast in comparison to other vegetables. After all, it is a grain. The native peoples only utilized the leaves when they were harvesting the grain – whole plant. Of course sellers and fad publications will tell you otherwise.

In my opinion Amaranth is a better choice. However if you want Green “Aztec spinach” seeds, search for lambs quarter seed.

I have some seed for you.
This is a grain type from Mexico
I grew it 2yrs ago ( 2yr old seed) cut and put the plants in attic to dry. Just found them today.
Got 3’ tall in poor soil. Not a lot of grain in there, but I should give it another try., in better soil.
Never though of eating the greens ,so not sure if they are good ?
PM your address and I will mail you some

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