Anyone growing cucamelon in 2019?


Who’s trying the aggressively growing and heavy producing cucamelon this year? If you have never heard of this start here . I’ve grown west Indian burr gherkins which I suspect are very similar. Burr Gherkins are very heavy producers! This article describes those . Many people recommend cucamelon. They call cucamelon sour gherkins


Me! I love cucamelons! Now they are dormant…


By the way i will grow Coccinia grandis, the ivy gourd too…


I have grown cucamelon, it never produces well for me and I only get a handful of super cute cucumbers from each one. I think the poor performance here may be due to the climate?

@Luisport please tell me more about ivy gourd.


Regarding the cucamelons his roots don’t die, so maby you have to give them ore time to grow better and stronger. Regarding the ivy gourd it’s the first time i will grow it.