Anyone growing Knobbed Russet?


I am curious if any one has had success with the Knobbed Russet. What’s the disease resistance of the tree like, growth habit and of course what does the apple taste like?


I’m pretty sure I had the pleasure of eating a Knobbed Russet recently. I’m not positive it was one, but it seemed to fit the physical and taste description.

Some call it the ugliest apple, but I think it was beautiful, and I really like the way most of the russets look. It didn’t look that appetizing when I picked it off the tree, but once it was washed, it cleaned up well.

I may have picked it a little late. The birds or insects seemed to really love the tree, I think it was the birds, as most of them looked like they had pecking damage. I didn’t look closely, but even the damaged ones still looked edible and weren’t rotting very bad due to the wound.

The birds have good taste in my opinion, as I really liked these apples as well. The first bite was kind of shocking, a very intense sweet/tart and good flavor, as I hadn’t tasted such an intensely flavored apple before. The flesh was dry but pleasant in a weird way. I think it is probably one of the best apples I’ve tasted, especially if you like your apples with a strong flavor kick.

Anyone else growing these apples with a report on disease resistance or other info?


Thanks for the post. It seems that few people on the forum grow this apple although I do see a fair number of posts talk about people getting scionwood of it. I would of thought there would be more people with actual trees but since you’re the first reply to my July post I guess not. Here are links to the Orange Pippin and Pomiferous descriptions of the knobbed russet. The Orange Pippin one has a couple of reviews of the apple and a list of some people that have planted it.

Part of the problem I think is it is rarely offered as a finished tree. Although I did find that Maple Valley Nursery offers it as a benchgraft.