Anyone growing Nocturne blueberry?

Does anyone have experience with this variety?

Here’s one listing for it: Nocturne Blueberry Bush - One Green World

I don’t grow that one but have Trentberry,from Edible Landscaping, which may be similar and do like the flavor.

I don’t have one but likely the same care as any blueberries. Acidic soil, plenty of water, fertilizer for acidic loving plants and hopefully not very dry winds in your area. It looks like the special thing about this blueberry is it is black. I guess it may be something like a pink lemonade blueberry. Everyone talks about how these different varieties are supposed to taste different but to me at least a specific fruit taste like x specific fruit or in other words a strawberry tastes like a strawberry or a blueberry tastes like a blueberry.


Is the flavor different than highbush blueberries?

Yes,there is more of a tanginess,that probably comes from the Huckleberry part of the plant.
I recommend that more people grow this one.

Thanks, I have room for another 3 or 4 plants in my designated row of blueberries. Trying to figure out how to grow the ones I have first though.

I grow both Trentberry form EL and Summer Sunset blueberry, which is similar to Nocturne – both have berries that turn different colors, finally black when ripe.

They are both complex hybrids, but look and act quite different at least here in DC. Our summers are hard on northern highbush, but both did fine. Summer Sunset is both smaller and less sweet than the typical blue blueberry. It fruits with mid-season blueberries. Trenterry was as large as a large commercial blueberry, and kept fruiting long after blueberry season ended, stopping only with frost. However, it’s taste was bland, rather than tangy or sweet, even when dead ripe. Great appearance, though.


Thanks for the review of this strange hybrid line. I will have to find a spot for it.
Im in a spot true northerns love. So that is what I mostly grow. Although most blueberries sold have long complex lineage. Like those who grow Legacy in the south. Call it a southern. Those that grow it in the north call it a northern. Both are right. I grow it in the north. Great flavor, prolific and strong grower.

I have been growing blueberries for eight years. I find the healthier you can keep them. The better the flavor. Also blueberry plants get better with age. These plants are amazing. My chandler is eighth leaf. The berries are huge. The flavor gets better every year and is most excellent. It is loaded most years. A very impressive plant. As are many cultivars. Fun to grow these plants. I have 11 different cultivars I grow.

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I had one three years ago. After the first winter, the entire top half had frostbite and turned black and died. It was still alive and green in the bottom half. It might be zone 4 rated, but it didn’t work out for me. I’m curious if anyone else in zone 4 has grown it with success.

And to be fair, none of my blueberries worked out. I have the wrong soil type. I pulled them all out and replaced with honeyberries.

I grow a few varieties of highbush blueberries and Nocturne is the only hybrid I have. I’ve been really impressed with the taste and the vigor.

Nocturne next to my Duke blueberry


I ended up ordering a couple. They ended up producing a handful of berries. I really liked them!

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On Drew’s recommendation, I picked up one Nocturne from Burnt Ridge this past spring. It’s doing well so far, I’m hoping for fruit to sample next year.

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