Anyone growing pawpaw in Long Island NY?

I would love to have a taste and learn about your experience. Thanks.

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Growing the trees on LI but so far bad luck with the fruit. Last year I had 6 fruit for the first time but squirrels or a raccoon ate them about a week before they ripened. This year I had plenty of flowers but no pollination so no fruit.

What variety are you growing? Do the flowers stink really bad?

You won’t notice the flower smell unless you stick your nose up to it. Even then it smells just a little like yeast. People way overstate the aroma. Persimmon trees smell a lot worse to me.


: PA Golden
Sunflower graft
Mango graft
Hanna graft
Smell is not noticed.

I don’t think I’ve heard of Hanna. What’s the story on that?


Southern Connecticut here. I still haven’t gotten fruit from my partially shaded paw paws, which were planted in 2016. I got flowers on the Sunflower and Shenandoah but not at the same time. The KSU Atwood still hasn’t flowered. After cutting down part of the overgrown hedge these were planted next to all 3 have taken off including the Shenandoah, which had been the runt of the 3. They’re now around 8 feet tall or so, if I had to guess. Hopefully I’ll get some fruit next year.

I’m told by the private breeder it’s one of his best. If it grows enough and has good fruit I’ll provide scion.

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I have heard of Hanna once before but i assumed it was Susquehanna being traded with a different name.
Good to hear more info on it.