Anyone growing redwoods or sequioas, especially outside California?

Well that autocorrect can just go straight to heal…


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Speaking of redwoods, about 30 years ago I traveled to the West Coast, and drove down the coast from Coos Bay, Oregon to San Francisco. A couple highlights were stopping at Redwood National Park, and Muir Woods National Monument.

It was truly awe-inspiring standing at the base of these giants and straining in vain to try to see the tops. For some reason, I kept expecting a T-Rex to step out of the shadows. There’s something primeval being in such a setting.


Primeval is the right word.

I’m sorry to have missed the prehistoric times when such forests existed all around the world, but am hopeful for a future that I won’t see where they are common again, more common even than they were perhaps.


(Just hang on…if they manage to find some DNA they can still put in a test tube, could be you’ll see one again. And just use the imagination…someone passes a regulation on ‘protecting the dinosaurs’) Speaking of, they had the highest counts ever this January for
manatee in Florida…so much for ‘endangered’.

I have seen an occasional potted tree for sale in Lexington KY over the years–only one I ever planted died pretty quickly.


I’m with friends in Berkeley Heights this weekend. They’re up near the top of the hill, and I’m currently sitting by a window surrounded by fog and backyard, 100 foot redwoods looming out of this suburban neighborhood. Even that is magical!



I split out those suckers on the 15th of January. They seem good, no wilting. I will get you some soon. Sorry it’s been so long. How many would you like? I have 5 suckers all together. There will be many new seedlings around April so I don’t need to keep any…

I would love the green gage pluot. I don’t have any persimmons yet to graft to, so save your scions. I am all ready trying to root some cuttings (exercise in futility from what I read) I got from @DennisD. Also, the Korean giant pear and whatever the yellow (ish) euro plum you think sets fruit well I would love. Looks like you have a couple to pick from.

I took some pluerry cuttings for you 2 weeks ago or so so they would still be dormant. I totally get it if you think I missed plum scions for this season, but I have had pretty good luck grafting active trees. Anyway, protbably should have PM you, either way let’s meet up soon.


I have struggled to get dawn redwood seeds to take. I purchased some online but no luck even after cold stratifying. I have mentioned previously about my own large Dawn Redwood tree. I’ve gotten four seeds collected rather late to sprout on a dampened paper towel in a baggie, but upon transfer, their growth in potting soil is so slow that they falter. Knowing their growth habits, I keep the soil fairly moist.

Any words of wisdom? Heat mat? Scarifying?

Just received Chief River’s spring catalog, have you ordered from them before?


Yes, I have. Their stock is okay, most I have received is usually on the smaller side of the listings. Their customer service has been great for me.