Anyone growing redwoods or sequioas, especially outside California?

Sharing my young Giant Seq tree in my backyard. The Mantis loves the tree. Nice and green.


I have some potted dawn redwoods and giant sequoias here in central NH. I propagated a few dawns from cuttings last year successfully. The two sequoias are in the same pot and they really need to be separated at this point. I’m not quite sure what to do with them long term, but I’m tempted to plant them in the wooded back portion of my yard where they can be protected by winter extremes and benefit from the forest microbial and fungi network. If the roots are intertwined I may just cut one out and let the other grow freely rather than risk stressing both.


I was actually going to message you and ask if you’d tried growing them where you are, since my parents are nearby.

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I grow on in northen Denmark. Its about 4 meters high and 7 years old


I vaguely remember that there was one on the University of Georgia campus back in the 90s that was pushing 30 to 40 ft at the time, but I don’t know if it is still there or not.

Blithewold in Bristol RI has sequoias. The trees have had no issue with cold (Z6B until recently, 7A currently). In recent years, humidity has dropped and there has been occasional drought. Low moisture can be a challenge.

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A family friend grows a beautiful California Redwood in Southern England. It’s his pride and joy, the centerpiece of his fabulous perennial garden at which the English excel.


They’re not very large, but I’m hoping they make a leap in-ground in 2025 if I plant them this spring. I think the Dawns would grow fine.

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Here’s an interesting story in yesterday’s Seattle Times about an effort to introduce redwoods (both coast redwoods and giant sequoias) more widely in western WA, especially for managed timber lands:


What are you doing for them in the winter?

They’re potted and in my unheated basement. Here’s one of the dawns’ foliage last fall and the sequoia duo in my basement.


We had a huge, gorgeous dawn redwood on the campus of the university I attended. Just beautiful and in a great spot on campus. One fall when it turned brown and lost it’s needles the new grounds crew cut it down, thinking it had died. Our botany Prof about lost her mind.


Thanks for making me smile.

I had a customer I designed to ‘globe thistle’ into a perennial bed. His hired help dug them up once, and used Roundup on them another time…I finally gave up and put a sun-loving hosta in the spot.

That was an excellent article. It wasn’t just click bait.

Is that near Parsley Technical College?


Sorry for the smart ace quip, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s been a slow day.

Oh, and try the veal.

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…continuing, Oregano State University has over 1,000 Google search results and may be a budding humorous nickname for OSU. It is not likely a typo.

On my part it certainly was. :smiley:

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It could easily be an autocorrect/autocomplete typo and still be that common.

Or maybe “Organic State” would be more appropriate.