Anyone Growing Souvenirs Peach?

It is a 2013 release from Arkansas that has Winblo as a parent. A yellow firm flesh that is low acid developed for farm markets that ripens 2 days after Redhaven and 11 before Winblo. I am thinking of giving it a try here in Virginia as it sounds unique.

That sounds interesting to me. I like low acid peaches. I wonder how cold hardy its fruit buds are.

@Olpea has a peach farm in KS. I wonder if he has grown this variety.

The release note said it was hardy at -16 and -17C in 2010 and 2011. It was not tested outside of Arkansas before release. They say it was developed for the hot and humid summers in the southeast with very high bacterial spot resistance. Not much info on it via Google but Cumberland Valley sells it so it has some popularity among commercial growers.

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I haven’t heard of that one yet. It does sound interesting, although I’ve not had the best of luck with low acid peaches.

Low acid, bacterial spot resistance and a relatively early peach all sound interesting to me.

Mark, I saw a video of the U of A professor talking about this peach with the peaches in hand. It is a decent size peach with good coloring inside and outside.

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I have Souvenirs planted but unfortunately looks like it is going to runt …


Low acid peaches are popular with growers. The biggest advantage to growers is that low acid peaches tend to have more sugar when picked early, so taste better in that sense.

Most of my customer base though, don’t seem to like a lot of the sub acid peaches as well. Probably because we pick the fruit more ripe than most commercial growers, so that the extra sugar doesn’t stand out as much as it would for fruit picked early. The biggest complaint I get from customers who try sub acid peaches, is that it’s not “peachy” enough.

Of course everyone’s tastes are different and there are some customers who really like sub acid peaches.

One sub acid peach I like is called Sweet Breeze. It is sub acid but has enough peach flavor that most customers really like it. The trees are very productive and will size fruit even if heavily cropped. The cultivar is under patent, so I can’t propagate those trees myself, but last spring I ordered and planted 10 more of them.

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Thanks, Mark @Olpea
Is Sweet Breeze resistant to bacterial spot? How cold hardiness of its flower buds?
When does this variety ripen for you?

I found this Rutger’s peach chart having my answers and more. I need to take a closer look at allvarieties esp. earlier ones. It is useful info for me.

Interesting Rutgers lists it as an acid peach. The patent for the peach lists it as sub acid. It does have a mild acid flavor, so I would also classify it as sub acid.

It produces well. Even this year, when many peach trees were blank, it did have a few fruit. Seems immune to bac. spot in my orchard.

Here is the patent for it. The owner of the patent originally patented the peach under his name, then later changed the name to Sweet Breeze.

Thanks, Mark.

I hope your peach trees will produce some good sports. It’d be cool having them patented under your and your wife’s names.

By the way, when does Spring Snow ripen for you? I have two peaches on a multi grafted tree. They seem to be more advanced than other varieties on that tree.