Anyone growing super red fuji?

I got a 5 in 1 apple tree from Fast Growing Trees and the first tree looked about ready to die. They sent a replacement and that replacement looked about ready to die after one day of getting it and witty the first day. I mostly wanted to get the Fuji apple as that is the main grocery store apple I eat and love. To me it puts honey crisp to shame. I called Stark bros because while their trees are small their trees have been amazing. The gal there said the only disease resistant Fuji was the Super Red Fuji and Stark Bros also claims the tree lasts a year in storage which is quite the feet. I know it is quite knew only coming out in 2014 but curious if anyone is growing it.

Not sure about super, but I have red fuji. Has not fruited for me yet, but is said to ripen a week or two before fuji. I doubt it taste much different.

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