Anyone growing Thai Dwarf Mulberry?


I can’t figure out the hardiness zone for this one. I know it opens up early like my White Pakistan, but I can’t figure out what temps it can handle while dormant. If anyone has some insight, I’d be interested. Trees of Joy had them available so I grabbed one up. I’ve been wanting one of these or the World’s Best that was being thrown around. I could never get a hold of the World’s Best, but I hear they are similar.


I have one that will be going through its first winter this year. It is growing like crazy right now and it is supposed to get down to 27 degrees on Wednesday. I am really worried about it. I don’t know what the absolute cold it can take in the winter.


Chad I have some World’s Best they are first year trees so it will be probably another year before I start propagating them. I will keep you posted.


I received my little rooted mulberry from Trees of Joy. With it being so small, I’ll keep it in my little greenhouse and move the sucker into the garage for any below freezing temps. Should be enough protection to keep the frost off. Well, hopefully. Do these things not go dormant? I thought it was a variety of Alba.


You can pull the leaves off and leave it in cool area. it will goes into dormant.



That sucker finally dropped its leaves. Hopefully they come back in March!


i saw there was some fruits did it ripen properly? how was the taste?


They did! I should have pulled them with it being so small, but I was too curious. They stayed pretty small, but ripened(at least in color). Sweet bit of flavor. I liked them, but they were pretty tiny. HOPEFULLY that isn’t the final size of the berries once the plant gets established.


i think it will be a better flavor, better size, more reliably ripen in summer once established please keep us updated thank you


Could we please have the update? I am looking into amulberry I could plant in pot. This “dwarf” variety interests me.


Not much to update. It’s growing. It had a few berries on it a few weeks ago, but they weren’t anything special. As of right now I couldn’t make a recommendation for it.


As far as I can see this is actually “Mojo berry” as it is sold in the US or “Charlotte Russe” as it is marketed in Europe. This is a dwarfish Morus alba with tiny berries that are a bit sweet but actually quite bland. They completely lack any acidity… this a cleverly marketed product is completely overrated. It is probably sold as “Thai dwarf” to avoid paying royalties to the breeder (Matsunaga) who came up with this plant about 40 years ago. In my experience “Gerardi dwarf” is still the only really good tasting dwarf mulberry (alba x rubra hybrid) and really worth growing.


They certainly had some acidity to them, but they weren’t very large. It’s handling potted life well enough so I’ll come back to this thread when I see some berries again next year.


When the berries still have a dark red or burgundy color they should have some acidity but once they are completely black and come off easily, or drop off…then all acidity has disappeared…


Then that might be an misidentification. I picked them black.