Anyone have any male kiwi pollen?

Hi guys,

My A. arguta started flowering unexpectedly. I was thinking many MANY more years before it would go but here we are in year 2 with a nice flower set. Does anyone have any male pollen they could send me? Not sure if it’s even possible? Anyone done this before?



Bump for male goods!

I will have some in a month… I guess there are no other zone 10 folks here with kiwis.

You think mailing pollen would work? Granted…these flowers aren’t open yet. Maybe the timing will work! I was surprised to see buds. Maybe it was because I cut it back so hard?

Thanks scott

Bumping it up, flowers are slowly opening :man_facepalming::grinning:

Sure it’s possible if the wood you’re getting from someone else is still in dormancy and you place the wood in water to open up the male flowers. You definitely cannot send pollen, however. Not w/o some sort of freeze/ lab stuff to keep the pollen frozen during shipping.

Had someone sent dormant male buds a month ago and you put a few in a vase/cup each week to have a chance at ‘timing’, you’d of been good. Maybe it would be better to start 6-weeks in advance, but I don’t know that. This is all theory.

Based on a study I read, I think on a pawpaw Facebook group, frozen pollen was viable for up to 18 months or so, but only viable for up to 3 days under normal temperatures. I’m not saying all pollen is created equal, just that I would be reserved with my expectations on this one.

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Excellent feedback…thanks guys. My male plant better start putting out!

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I like your example/feedback. I wouldn’t carry pollen around for more than an afternoon in my pocket, however. I’d keep it in a cooler with ice vs. a pocket.

I’ve not researched ‘raw’ pollen being transported, ever…