Anyone have any red flesh perry pears?

So I might strike out on this one as I need to find the overlap between the red flesh aficionados and the perry-making contingent of the cider crowd, but does anybody have or know of a red fleshed perry pear? I found some reference to a pear called “Bloody Bastard” that sounds like it’s probably red fleshed and probably makes good perry, but the references are few and far between.

I would love to make a rose perry, and I’d like to think that red fleshed pears are like red fleshed apples and many have strong cider qualities.


I suspect you are right, and I’ve seen others post about their red pears.
Personally I just have “Rescue” pear, but neighbor has some.
And I grafted some new varieties to some callery seedlings this spring.

I am growing enough red fleshed apples, don’t have time or space for red pears at this point.

Fo a forum search i believe @derekamills talked about having some

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I checked Derek’s last spreadsheet, and it looks as though ‘Sanguinole’ might be what you’re looking for. His description:

Ancient, small dessert pear, used for perry and recommended for cooking. With a very long history in Europe, it was first mentioned in Britain by John Rea in 1676, though it is likely to be the Blood Red pear of Parkinson in 1629. The name comes from the red stained flesh. Fruit is small, russeted and red blushed and spotted. The flesh is red stained, juicy and with a sweet musky flavour. Ripe from August to September. Best picked before ripe for use as dessert.

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I have 13 or so red fleshed pear varieties in addition to our over 220 red fleshed apple varieties. Off the top of my head here is how I categorize them.

All can be eaten fresh although some of them have a 'musty" flavor which is off putting to some people.

We have Amish families that come here every year to buy them to make pear butter and they buy whatever is in season.

I have made perry from the following red fleshed pears and it was very good:
All three Beetroot varieties ie Alex, Ella and Eric which are listed at the National Perry Pear Collection in Hartpury in the UK as excellent for perry.

Sanguinole as Jerry mentioned above.

Bloodpeer - smaller than most but very juicy.

Cocomerina - sparse bearer so far but nice taste.

Verbelu - my favorite red fleshed pear for eating and perry

The following I cannot recall making perry with as they usually get eaten up pretty quick but maybe I will try this year:
Offenbacher Rote
Rotkotting Frau Ostergotland
Summber Blood Birne
Joey’s Red Flesh