Anyone have information on Polly White peach

I bought two multigrafted trees from restoring Eden. They were supposed to have frost, Nadia cherry plum, a European variety of plum and a harcot apricot. It was also labeled as a plum, cherry, peach and apricot miltigrafted tree. What they sent me was a multi grafted tree with Harko nectarine, Harken peach and a Polly white peach. The Harko and Harken are pretty well known but little information is on the Polly peach. Luckily I had a Nadia Cherry on order for 2023 from Cummins nursery anyway. Curious if polly white is a good variety though.

I have it as a multi graft

Polly White Peach very sweet with just a hint of peachy flavor.
Picture below is from last year.


Sounding like a good peach if it is extremely sweet with a slight peach flavor.

I grow it. Medium sized very sweet. It’s a good bet for those of us who live in somewhat marginal (Rocky Mountain foothills) conditions.

I’m lucky if I get them to set fruit and ripen at all in my location. But occasionally in a good year I’ll get fruit in a prime spot on the tree that is just sublime—-sort of a subtle golden color with taste that goes along with that.

I recommend it.