Anyone have pneumatic pruners for sale? Looking for Bud Air or others

Looking to buy some used pneumatic pruners if anyone has any. I am located in Wisconsin, but I am willing to pay for shipping.

Not pneumatic but these don’t come up for sale used too often--

I agree with DC. There’s not much advantage to pneumatic vs. electric pruners. With pneumatic, you’re tethered to a cord and a noisy air compressor.

The electrics have come way up in quality. For good ones, batteries last 8 hrs. and up before needing a recharge.

Maybe you have a unique situation, but I wouldn’t want to drag a hose around the trees, stop and move compressor - repeat, rinse and spit.

I already have a PTO powered air compressor that I bought at an auction that was made for pruning. I have plenty of hose and room to navigate a tractor in my orchard. Since I am trimming 1500 trees a year, I usually attempt to prune all in one day when I have help. I feel that if I had a few pneumatic trimmers, I could get a lot done and done fast. The price point of so many electric trimmers is way out of my budget. Pneumatic seems to be a good compromise between hydraulic and electric.

PM me I have an old Bud pnuematic pruner I used on blueberrys a while ago. It was not used much and is in perfect shape. I can get you a model number and picture

Thank you for replying, you can text me photos at 224-
358-26 one 7.

I bought one Bud Air pruner, perfect machine, thanks to Blueberry Thrill. Still looking for another. Anyone else have one?



Where do y’all get parts for Bud Air guns?

I would love to know where to get pneumatic pruner parts. So far so good, but I bet the best place to try if something goes wrong is a hydraulic shop. I’m going to bet that they can either source the parts or have something in stock very similar.