Anyone here still harvesting stone fruits?

I am in zone 9b and my stone fruits left are 4 pieces of emerald beaut plum and some mirabelle plum. They are both really sweet. My eb plum is still crunchy and my mirabelle is a little mushy. Cant wait for my flavor finale next year.

Anyone here still harvesting? Please post your zone too.


A few ‘Polly’peaches here in Z 6a…

I don’t think it means much. Sometimes, in places that have late freezes as we do, the tree will rebloom a little and produce a few fruits. Aberrational. Not indicative of much.


I harvested Flavor Finale yesterday. It could use another week but Saturday the squirrels took about ten fruit so I harvested the rest to ripen on the kitchen counter. Also harvested the last of my Indian Free seedling. And a few cornus mas cherries. I still have red and primocane fruiting black raspberries to harvest. Also tomatoes and a few peppers too.
I’m about to consume my usual breakfast of raspberries, almonds, walnuts, and yogurt. I’m going to miss this once the first frost stops production. Luckily I have lots of frozen and dried fruit to last all winter.

Oh I’m also harvesting around 20 figs daily until first frost.

In zone 6a I have three gallon freezer bags of dried figs. That should last all winter. I like using them to bake too. Dried figs make the best fig newtons ever. So much better then store bought.


I was supposed to be harvesting my Octoberfest peach this week but the squirrel Ate all of them this September.

How does your Flavor Finale taste? Looking forward for mine next year.

My production is still not that much as my trees are 2-3 years old but once they produce I will dehydrate and buy a free dryer to last the winter.

I think FF is not the best pluot I ever had, but not the worst either. For being so late it’s great to have.

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That’s reassuring. My Emerald beaut is in a shaded area and i think that is why it is still hanging. I’m planning to graft flavor finale in a shaded area too.

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