Anyone here tried a head net

Im not gonna use insect repellent any longer cause it burns my skin so it cant be healthy.
I cant tolerate the gnats 12 hrs a day though either.
Whats the pros and cons of a head net from China Mosquito Insect Hat Bug Mesh Head Net Face Protector Travel Net Fine Y2Y5 | eBay
or similar?
Is there one style any better than another and are they a general pain in the kiester to wear and so that is the reason you dont see them often worn?

Pain in the kiester

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I have. They keep the bugs off. They also hold the heat in. Its a tradeoff that only some can tolerate.


I use them to keep gnats off. You need some type of hat to keep it off your face and it’s like looking through a screen door.

Not a Net I have one, but not used yet
but for mosquito’s at least I make a tea from the mint family (square stem on plant)

keeps them off not sure about ticks it’s been a while.
actually just used a water cooler and made the tea quickly ,
and rubbed on my skin you could take up smoking cigars

Have you tried Bug Soother? It’s a repellent made from lemon grass oil and vanilla, and we have found it to be very effective, but very mild on the skin.


I have one, it’s not bad as long as you have a pretty wide brimmed hat to keep it away from your face.

The other problem I have is the amount I sweat, Ive always been a big sweater so anything I use dosent last long. I have not tried bug soother.

I have two bug hats. I searched around and got the style where the netting folds into the hat when not in use, It looks like a regular wide brim gardening hat when the netting is tucked away.

When bug pressure is light to moderate I just spray the hat with DEET and it works fine. When the bugs are bad I put the netting down and it does a good job of protecting me. It can be hot when the netting is down as others have mentioned. I would suggest if you get one you make sure the netting is dark colored. One of my hats has white netting and it makes it difficult to see when there is a lot of sun.

Thank you for the feedback

If you have power near your garden/orchard check out DynaTraps. We had horrible gnat/mosquitoes in the yard, I put two up this spring and it’s made an incredible difference. Catches a lot of moths too, but no bees or butterflies. Supposedly they can catch yellow jackets/wasps but I haven’t seen that.

Edit to add: I wear a veil when beekeeping… it’s very hot. Better than getting stung in the face, but not very pleasant.

I used to work north of the Yukon and mosquitoes were horrible. I remember clouds so thick you could close your eyes, swing your hands together and clap, and kill 5 at a time…every clap. It would drive you insane. Those face coverings worked good. It wasn’t too hot when I used it so I don’t remember heat retention being an issue.

The issue was the hands. If your face is protected but your hands are exposed, they just go for your exposed hands. If you wear bulky gloves to protect yourself, then it’s kind of hard to fish.

Head nets are standard equipment here in the U.P. (cheap ones are usually there by the checkout counters with the candy bars and flashlights and USB ports). If you need one you aren’t going to fuss about it being hot. It’s a trade-off and a personal decision, of course. Different folks have different susceptibility to the biters. I’ve found Repel lemon Eucalyptus spray works well if they aren’t too bad or head-nets are not an option for some reason. This year we’re having a rare spring drought so bugs are sparse (very rare), but there are years when the head-nets are on the counter by the door and worn often May-July (we happen to live in the woods with a swamp fairly nearby). As mroot said, get dark material, black preferable, and since you’re dealing with knats make sure it’s the close woven type for those little buggers. Soft is good, too. I made my own custom sized head-net but the netting is skritchy. Since I prefer (husband does, too) to tuck the bottom under the collar of a light-weight shirt it’s uncomfortable against my skin. I need to redo that part. A brimmed hat is a necessary part. We have some old green head nets that we used for decades that have a thin wire down part way which is supposed to keep it out of your face. Which it does, but as often as not it also seems to settle right in one’s eye-site line. A wide brimmed hat works better, though I admit I usually just wear a cap. They do make life calmer during bug season and one gets used to them. It sure is great when that season is over though! Sue