Anyone know where to get a Rockit apple tree or scionwood?

Got Rockit apples at the grocery store and really like them, I’d love to grow some but can’t seem to find anyone selling trees.

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They are a patented club Apple from New Zealand. Good luck!


I bought some Rockit apples last week. Pretty much worthless IMO. Crunchy and juicy without any discernible flavor. Maybe I got a bad batch?

Hi! I couldn’t find trees either so I germinated some seeds from my apples and they have sprouted. Just planted them. Will see how they thrive. I did my favorite wild plum like this and my baby tree is flourishing.


Hi Debra, any chance you may share with me how you sprouted your seeds? I seem to have difficulty. Tank you Suz

They will most likely not breed true to the Rockit apples you purchased. They might not even be anything like the onea you bought. They might be similar.

Hopefully she did a bunch and some of them will be good, or at least interesting.

I have a seedling going it’s almost 2” tall looks really good. I just don’t know if it will be a true rockit Apple. May have to wait a year or so to find out.

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How did your rockit apple tree turn out?

Thank you for any reply. I grew three from seedings they are all about 2ft tall and fixing to plant them in the ground.

Or do you know of any one having luck with producing fruit. I would hate to plant and nothing happen for 3 trees.

Thank you in advance for any response. Have a wonderful and blessed week!!!

Why would it not be simular? Thank you for any reply.

It’s easy pick out the best seeds and damp a paper towel fold it and put it in zip lock bag put in the pantry for a week or two and check on them.

Because sexual reproduction is a recombination of traits from both parents. The father may be very different from Rockit, and Rockit has lots of genes that it hasn’t expressed, but may pass to its child.

The same reason a child may be very different from its mother - that’s what the seedling is, a child of the Rockit mother.

I’m describing this as though Rockit is the variety name of a cultivar. It may be the brand or trademark name that could be one of various varieties.

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Rockit is a small apple (like crabapple) made from a Gala cross. Tree name PremA96. They are grown by Chelan Fresh and Borton Fruit in Washington State. Prevar Ltd in New Zeland has the patent. Haven’t seen anyone selling the trees. I’ve seen the Rockit apples being sold at Walmart but didn’t buy them since they looked too small.

Ty so much for your response. It definitely makes sense now that I am learning the basic fundamentals of planting seedling.
I have 3 of them growing since last summer. They are all about 2ft tall. I am going to plant all of them just to see if anything good comes out of them. If not I will be pulling them within the next couple of years. God’s will we have a great turnout.
I will definitely post some updates down the road. Blessings to you and your family.

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You put that in a much more understandable way than i ever could, but nailed exactly what i wanted to say.

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You can use seedlings for grafting stock … no point in discarding them.
(Or sell then online, or something.)