Anyone knows this persimmon?

A friend of mine visited Iran and told me that they have this persimmon there. Any ideas?



Wow! It’s like the sauce tomato of the persimmon world!


Amazing look! Never seen anything like it.

I don’t care for their name (untrue), but ship me a dozen (or more)!!! Marc


I did some Google search and came up with Japanese variety called fudekaki. Looks similar or a variant of it or a Photoshop work :slight_smile:


San Kakiano

From persian websites, I’m learning that they call them Banana persimmons, I’m starting to think they’re real.




Found one site also calling them “Mango persimmons” … not that it’s much help.

But, now I want one. Shame I’m in a country that doesn’t allow Iranian purchases!

if it helps, here’s the search term: خرمالو موزی


What I gathered so far is that there are two variants there; one is called mango (that is Fudegaki I guess) which shorter and roundish and the other one is called banana and it is longer.

Salam Osman;

If you ever get your hands on some seeds I would be interested to try to germinate some!

I dream to visit Persepolis and Iran in general. I’m into Arabic art collecting. This is my newest acquisition:

At the very bottom of the carpet there is an Arabic pictogramme, it’s supposed to be written: Qom Can you confirm?

My mom made this cross stitch (?) just for me:

Happy Christmas to all people of good will in the Universe!



I am in Turkey and sorry to say that I have no idea about Arabic :).

I was into cross stitch in the past and I can say that your mom’s work is marvelous.

About the seeds, I don’t think they will come true to the name from seeds. I will try to get the tree in the future.


Like I learned early in my collecting habit: Not all Arabs are Muslims and not all Muslims are Arabs. And people from Turkey are neither Arabs or speak Arabic. Another confession: I want to visit Istanbul so bad for both its ancient time pre-May 29, 1453 period and visits its modern face. I’m dreaming of Metze all the time!

You have an interest in cross stitch? How interesting. This one is for you. It took my 85 years old mom. 5 years to do this one. Most people who sees it would like to steal it… But it’s mine, all mine!!!


Hi Marc,

Arabic is my mother tongue. The writing/sign at the bottom of your wall rug seems to be written with a font I am not familiar with (there are numerous artistic Arabic fonts), but it does not look like “Qom” to me. Qom is a city in Iran, and Iran uses the Arabic alphabet for their Persian language. Frankly, it looks more like a sign or obscure signature to me, than a proper word (I can’t figure out any letter in it).

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Your mother is an artist for sure. It is unbelievable. Great work!

Hi Ahmad!

So it seems the sale person didn’t know for sure and gave me that explanation… but he is a sale person before anything else and is not knowledgeable about the Arabic culture in general and in Persian rugs in particular (he just sales them for a huge sum of $$$) so let’s just say that it’s probably the artist’s signature or mark. You know artists… always peculiar! HA! Marc

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