Anyone out there that sells have a good source for plastic packaging for peaches?

We are coming into our peach season in a few weeks and have been looking for a supplier for a peach clamshell. Looking specifically for those like you can find in Costco with the 4 or 6 count in separated nests within the clamshell. We are finding places in china but nothing in the states that you can order a reasonable quantity from. Like 1000 or less. @Olpea what are you using for packaging? The average American is a strange critter…we can sell a amazing flavorful product, but if it doesnt come in a form that they are used to buying them will be hesitant to buy it. Pretty packaging matters.


We use cardboard flats. They are ugly but so convenient and cheap that’s what we use. They come stacked flat and I use a stapler to staple the four corners.

I do like the presentation of the picture you post. Will really big varieties fit in the pockets and still be able to close the lid?

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If you find a place that sells those clamshells, please post back. They look like they hold about a quart’s worth of peaches. A quart box will hold 5 medium peaches or 4 really big ones. I don’t sell in quart boxes because I don’t stack, but those plastic clamshells might compete well with quart boxes.

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Check with jordanseeds in Minneapolis. If they don’t carry them, they may have venders.

Well here is something I ran across that may work out…

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@Olpea the clamshells came in today. PERFECT size for a 1/2 lb large peach. Couldnt be happier with them. We got a slightly smaller size also for medium large tomatoes and smaller peaches. Might work for large plums too. All they need is a nice 2"x2" label.

Btw @Olpea these look like they will stack about 10 high or better with no problem. They have a stout center rib just so that they can take the weight.

Very nice Eric.

I almost pulled the trigger on some of these (maybe I should have). Instead I bought some more cardboard flats because they were cheaper. One nice thing about clamshells is that your customers can’t damage the peaches by handling them. :grinning:

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The “customers cant paw the ripe fruit” factor is a prime motivation for us going the clamshell route. :slight_smile: We tend to sell pretty ripe ready to eat fruit and it only takes a few squeezes to make a piece of fruit funny looking and then no one wants to buy it. The average consumer in Phoenix has never handled a actual ripe peach at the point of sale and dont have a clue what they are doing. You can paw grocery store peaches all day long and those baseballs wont care.

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Is the model KZ4XL the correct size for the 1/2 LB peaches?

After using them for while, were you satisfied?

We are going to try to grade the most select peaches and sell them in a plastic clamshell like you found.

We ended up using two sizes.

#036466BC is a 6.5" box and was perfect for smaller size peaches.
KZ4XL was perfect for the large 1/2 lb peaches.

We were very pleased with both and used them also for tomatoes. People LOVED the packaging…huge increase in sales over last year. And no pick thru and damaging the fruit.