Anyone Pruning Super Spindle Apple Trees?

I have 10 tall spindle trees and am going to put in another 60 trees but am thinking on training them into super spindle so I can get more trees in a smaller area. I am trying to find info on how to prune but even when i type in super spindle pruning on the internet all I get back is tall spindle info. Does anyone know where to find info on super spindle pruning.

I get info on spacing (2ft x10ft) but thats about it and is it possible to narrow the distance between the rows if I top the trees at lets say 7 ft. vs 9 or 10 ft. ?

The rule of thumb sets the tree height to 80%-90% of the row spacing for tall spindle and I assume super spindle works the same.

Planting more trees closer together, but limiting the height to just 7 feet may not produce more fruit than fewer tall spindle trees at 9 feet tall but will cost a lot more money.

Thanks, not real worried about big crop loads only worried about how many varieties I can get in a small space. Would really like to know the procedure for pruning into super spindle to maintain shape.

I can’t find any specifics on super spindle but I expect they are maintained similar to tall spindle where the emphasis is on training the tree and renewal pruning where several larger branches are removed each year. A lot of good info exist on pruning/training tall spindle trees including some videos where T Robinson demonstrates the proper technique.

I have about 800 tall spindle trees and I learned the hard way that most nurseries sell trees that have branches but few feathers - exactly the wrong framework for spindle trees.

If I had the space I’d like to try a apple fruiting Wall. Seems pretty nice using trimmers to go down the line.