Anyone recognize this pear?

Was out picking blueberries this morning. Noticed a big branch in my multi-variety pear tree, full of these ripe, soft, gritless pears. It’s got to be at least a 10 yr old graft; maybe closer to 20 yrs. But I’ve never noticed these fruits before, and don’t recall grafting anything that should have matched that description…unless it’s one I thought might have been Seckel, out of the old Dr. Alex Nunn pear orchard at Lochapoka AL, back around 2001.
In the photo, it’sthe yellow, blushed pear on the left(top); the pear on the right(bottom) is Lawson’s Early June Sugar Pear. Like many early season apples, LEJSP has about a 15 minute window of opportunity before it goes mealy and tasteless, and if eaten before fully ripe, has some astringency.

Does anyone recognize it?



See no reason it couldn’t be seckle but seckle grow in clusters like this.
Seckel Pear - #42 by clarkinks

See how the calyx end sticks out on your pear little more than others that’s just like a seckle. They also are small. Most pears calyx end is recessed in more like ayers as shown below as an example

Then you need to observe this year and see if they grow in clusters like seckle.

You took a picture of your pear with a ruler and here is the size of seckle. Way I figure it’s about the same size.