Anyone Tried Olives on the East Coast?

Was thinking about trying an olive, but figured I would check others first. I am thinking they probably ripen to late or are unsuited to the climate.

Mostly true. I have a note stuck back in my memory that there is one variety that can be grown in parts of zone 7a/b. I don’t know the variety, but it should show up in a diligent search.

Olives are hardy to zone 8b (they would take lows at about 15 F for a short period of time).

There is one that will live in zone 7 such as Spartanburg, SC. But, I can’t attest to it’s fruit quality. From the Crimea area of the former Soviet research station I think.

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We grow ‘Arbequena’ at my work. I’m a zone 8a normally but the location the tree is in is somewhat protected. It will fruit in late fall.


There are varieties that will work in 7B, possibly even 6B, at least in Europe. I was skeptical but my friend is growing them without any issues.

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I’ve read that moisture and humidity can be issues for inground trees, but i’ve seen lots of success growing them as potted trees. That would help with marginal climate issues, but I don’t know about actually getting fruit.

I’m sure somebody has or will be trying them…as every LOWE’s store in Kentucky had a supply of OLIVES for sale in 2020!

Most of them still had them in the fall, marked down 75% lol!

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I’m thinking they will grow fine, but will have problems fruiting.

There’s at least one company growing them commercially in Georgia.

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