Anyone try and root strawberry runners cut off?

I have a couple of runners that have little nubs at the bottom where the roots are just about ready to pop out. I know I can stick it in the ground and they will root quickly but out of curiosity, has anyone taken them at this stage, cut them off and stuck them in soil or a glass of water? Did they root? Or is the connection to the mother plant absolutely essential?

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I’m curious too. I never tried cutting before roots were established

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I have tried with no takes.


One year I cut a bunch off with no roots planted , covered with Remay , most grew…


My new bed of Earliglow strawberies are starting to send out runners now.

I have pulled all so far.

I may experiment with letting a single runner from some of the plants… root into a planter pot… perhaps for two weeks… then cut off from mother plant.

May have to experiment with the time… 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks… to see where success happens.

If they have developed roots that are 2-3 inches long… you would think they would make it on their own.

Might have to take them out of full sun location… to a morning sun only location for a couple weeks… and then plant them back out in full sun.

I could use a dozen more plants… our 3F low last winter took out several of my strawberries.


Geotextiles: Row Cover or Reemay Cloth – Vermont Organic Farm | Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center.

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Take a used yogurt container and put a little bit of water in there. Stuff it full of runners freshly cut from the mother plant. You’ll have nearly 100% success in rooting. Just be sure to keep it watered.


Thank you for all the replies!

Do you cover the yogurt cups so no moisture escapes?

It’s just what I have sitting around.



Today May 24… I started 4 runners in burried planter pots…

These are first year strawberry plants and i will pull off all other runners.

Will see how long it takes them to root good into the pot… and experiment some to find out when they can be separated from mother plant… and survive transplanting.

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Thanks for the update! I am going to try and root some directly in water without any connection to the mother plant and see if anything comes of it. But I’ll be using alpine runners.

I just transplanted about 100 strawberries 1 month ago after rehabbing the overgrown beds and trying plastic mulch for the first time.

There was 1 runner that had no roots yet on the ‘bulb’ at the bottom of the runner. It is 30 days later now and it clearly rooted itself as it looks exactly the same as the day I planted it.

It was one of the tiny runner on the left bed: