Anyone try Kinderkrisp apple?

I’ve been searching this forum quite a bit lately trying to decide which half dozen apple trees I should add to my orchard and came across kinderkrisp. Someone said it was really good but it wasn’t otherwise mentioned at all. Anyone growing it? How does it compare to honeycrisp for flavor and texture? Hoping it is similar but still different, love honeycrisp just don’t need more than one tree of it. Is it decent as far as disease goes? Starks says it is. I know it’s a small apple similar to crabs which is fine in my book…

I see you didn’t get any replies on this. I have been curious too, as I planted 2 kinderkrisp on M7 this spring. I read some snippet on Gilby’s orchard site that it tastes similar to SweeTango but smaller - which is why I was interested since I love SweeTango but I guess it’s a club apple and can’t get it yet. That’s completely unverified of course, so I would be interested in anyone who has had a taste.

Did you end up planting one?

I never saw this post but I for one love Kinderkrisp. I picked up some apples from a nearby orchard last fall and fell in love with them. This last week on mothers day I visited a nursery that was selling bareroot trees so obviously I had to add one to my ever growing collection of trees.


This is an old list of the Club apples. There are several more after 2014.

Want To Grow These Apples? You'll Have To Join The Club : The Salt : NPR.

I know that Kinderkrisp is smaller than Honeycrisp, but how small is it? Is it the size of Dolgo crabapple, or is it closer to medium-sized? I don’t really want another tiny apple in my collection. Thanks.

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Definitely bigger than dolgos. I’m not sure what you have had to compare to but the ones I’ve had are what I’d consider a small apple or a really big crabapple.

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Thanks, that’s helpful.

We have a Kinderkrisp and it is a wonderful little apple. We love the size which for comparison is larger than a Whitney Crab. The flavor is similar to Honeycrisp without the variability. It is always great! Good storage unless you have littles around😉
One season it experienced a small amount of blossom blight when we had the perfect weather conditions for that malady. The blister mites like this particular tree in our orchard. Don’t skip the dormant oil. It isn’t a heavy bearer but it is consistent. Ours is a dwarf from StarkBros.

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