Anyone use a weed wiper?

I’m having a lot of trouble getting some area’s in my little nursery sprayed with glyphosate because of breezy weather & swirling winds so I’m thinking a weed wiper might work but I’m not sure if these things actually work well or not. Anyone know?

I’d recommend trying 20 or 30% vinegar instead of glyphosate. Works great, non-toxic/persistent. That’s what I use in our nursery.

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Vinegar doesn’t work for these weeds. I would have to keep on them for a couple months to kill them off. I need to get some nursery landscape fabric down ASAP. The weeds are a lot taller than many of my plants.

I plan to use vinegar on some things once everything is under control.

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Yeah they work great. If you’re talking about the wick in the end of a tube filled with herbicide?

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Thanks Travis. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Which one did you use? On Amazon they run $37-$135 & look like these: