Anyone use Lesco fertlizer products for fruit trees?

So i have a Landscape supply company not too far from me, and they specialize in Lesco stuff. As the fruit trees add up, the cost of fertilizer for me is also going up since I fertilize a few times a year.

Has anyone used their products on edible stuff? I always thought of them as a lawn care company.
They have a 50 lb bag of 5-0-20 for $30 and and 8-3-17 for $130…

I noticed Fertilizers tend to the local suppliers. We have Shamrock[not sure who makes it} which does a good job on common formulas used at a lower price point. And Rainbow. Which tends to more nutrient high blends that have cultist followings. Seems like the best looking produce in the region is using some blend of rainbow. It’s a little higher. But people stick with it.