Anyone want some Saijo Persimmon Seeds

Hi! I have probably 100 or more fresh Saijo Persimmon Seeds that I collected out of my own fruit as I ate it this year. I just washed them and put them in the refrigerator in a ziplock bag with a barely damp paper towel. They look good and have no mold/mildew .

I’ll gladly give them to those who want or need them, but if you have something to trade that’s great too.

You can message me or leave word here



Just noticed your new picture! Nice. Has he slowed down yet? He must have ran 100 miles in the couple hours I stopped by too visit you this summer.

Hi Kevin. I’m all set with persimmon seeds but just curious what pollinated them. Chocolate?

haha. Everyone says that. He is 8 years old and has energy of a puppy. It is no exaggeration to say that on days when I’m outside, that dog will run at full speed for 4 hours straight, just back and forth across my place. Its funny and amazing at the same time. But what makes him so perfect is that in spite of all his energy, when he is inside he will just curl up in the floor and lay around like any lazy lap dog. And he learns tricks and trains well. Just the greatest dog ever on the planet! ha.

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I’m 98% sure it was chocolate, but I do have a wild domestic persimmon that I topworked but it sent out a couple little twigs that bloomed before I even saw them. There was probably a grand total of 10 flowers on it and its further from my saijo than the Chocolate, but it is possible of course so I mention it.

Did you just remember that I had a Chocolate that had male and female, or did you ask if it was Chocolate because they tend to fertilize saijo better?

I remember you talking about having Chocolate in the past. I was sort of envious because I have Chocolate as well, but I have to grow my kaki persimmons in containers and get far less production than I’d imagine you do. Plus, moving them under the barn each winter is one of my least favorite orcharding tasks – they’re in large plastic garbage buckets and are super heavy. Kind of a side question, did you get to taste any Chocolate this year? How were they for you?

I have 3 figs that are not hardy and which are in 1/2 55 gallon drums and I move them in and out of my garage each year, so I feel you pain more than you know. As a matter of fact, I decided this summer that it was going to be the last year I go through moving those things. I’m going to plant them outside while they are dormant and after winter has passed, and hopefully I’ll get a good year that first year, then we’ll see if they just die to the ground like my hardier ones sometimes do or if it kills them completely- I won’t be crushed if it does.

I guess you’ve seen me raving about my Saijo. I’ll try not to go on another big soliloquy about how incredible those fruits are, but man do I love those things. I just looked at your very impressive list of persimmon varieties. I know you don’t want anymore huge cans to move, but I’m a bit surprised you don’t have one! Have you every tasted them (I’m betting you have as much as you seem to enjoy persimmons). Are any of yours similar to Saijo? I just planted a Nakita’s gift this past spring and am excited to try it. I thought it would be more cold hardy but from what I’ve read here after I bought it I’m worried it won’t make it through our zone 6b/7a winters (I am RIGHT on the line). We usually get about 2 nights that are -3 and less than 7 nights are below 10 degrees. We get -6 about once every 4-5 years but VERY rarely below that. Will my Nakita’s Gift probably be killed at those levels in your opinion?

I did have a Hachiya but it was killed by winter (the top was, not whatever rootstock they used) I would absolutely die of my Saijo died but it is 6 years and a pretty big tree. I got about 50 fruits this year and have never been happier. I even planted 2 more saijos this spring. I’d also love to hear if you think I’ve been lucky of if Saijos will usually surive down to -5 a couple times in a year?

I’m sorry to be going on and on but I’ve got a new obsession with persimmons so its fun talking to someone like you who obviously enjoys them as well.

You asked about my Chocolate this year. Interesting question. I know you may say I’m crazy (or at least non-observant) but I really don’t think my Chocolate had any male blooms the first 3 years of its life. But all of a sudden this year It had a ton of them. The majority of the tree, in fact, was male. This years fruit wasn’t as good, either. I know for sure it wasn’t as brown inside this year as past years, and I’m absolutely certain that I let it fully ripen fully (some even fell by themselves). I’ve read some people say the ones with seeds are better, and perhaps something else hurt mine this year, but to answer your question, my chocolates just weren’t as good this year for some reasons. My saijos, on the other hand…well, you already know!!! ha


I love it!!

Sorry to hear about your Hachiya didn’t make it. My aunt from LA sent me a small box of them. They are real good.



I do have Saijo. I posted a picture in another thread yesterday. And I absolutely agree that it’s a fantastic fruit, though I think I enjoy the hybrids more. I guess I should update my profile.

Hello dear @thecityman.

I was looking for Saijo Persimmon seeds and came across this message. But wrote the request on the wrong page. Sorry about that…

Are these seeds still available, or will you have some new seeds this year?

We are planting a fruitgarden were we live in Portugal, and Persimmon is a favorite. I am looking for the ones tasting the best as we don´t have to much space.
Fuyu is one of them, and Saijo another. I also will try out the Black Sapote.

We are collecting seed here at home and have are growing orange and lemontrees, custard apple, advocado etc.

I am also bringing home a lot of exotic seeds to see if they would prosper here. We live in an area were things grow amazingly well.

All the best. / @Angie

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Hi Angie. I’d be happy to try and help you but there are several problems. First, I do not think it is legal for me to send seeds to Portugal. There may be a way to get a permit and have them inspected and approved by both countries, but I wouldn’t know how to do that. Next, even if I sent you seeds, you would have to cold stratify them and keep them at the right moisture level and so on-something that might be hard to do, especially if the seeds had to stay in quarantine for a long time. The next problem might be the biggest one. If you just plant seeds from my saijo tree, it is very likely that you will not get good saijo fruit like I have. You would need to grow a persimmon tree from a seed, then take a cutting from a known, good quality saijo tree and graft that cutting onto the tree you grow from a seed. So in the end, you are going need access to a saijo tree from someone local or else go through a very difficult importation process.

I don’t know a lot about the difficulties of getting a good saijo tree from seed or how true it would be, so maybe someone else can chime in. I just know there would be a lot of difficulty in trying to send you seeds and you being able to grow good fruit from seeds. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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Hi! You can buy a saijo tree here in Europe…

Thank you so much for taking your time to reply.

Seems to be a complicated process to send seeds. I have been looking for these Saijo seeds eagerly and they are difficult to find. I will continue my quest.

Enjoy your fruitgarden. I still have many years of work ahead of me.

All the best.

Thank you for the recommendation. I looked it up.

I have made an inquiry to them about the Saijo.

Are awaiting their reply.

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Hi! There are another seller with a lot of persimmon varieties: