Anyone with experience growing Snowbank Blackberry?

Curious on taste, disease tolerance, yield, etc. I looked around online and couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

I hear that they taste good but are small

My snowbank will be in year two this season in zone 6b. Hopefully it fruits and I can let you know. Everything I have heard is that the berry is sweet (~10% sugar).

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Excited to hear how it turns out!

Thank you everyone for the responses.

There’s a chance.

I grew it but pulled it… may do better in a better climate than mine

I think Polar Berry is more interesting.

Mine has been relegated to a pot. They grow to maybe 5ft tall and spread. When they started popping up 10ft away I knew I was going to have to do something. The taste is very sweet and subacidic. They are tart and unpleasant tasting if you pick them before they are fully ripe. Birds in my area do not bother them at all, but bugs eventually find them.

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The Snowbank blackberry plant is now completely loaded with flower buds. I’ll post another photo when most of the buds break.

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I really want this one, if I’m being honest purely for the novelty. I will buy it one day when I bite the bullet and accept I gotta pay 6x the plant price for shipping.

Anyway, only thing that stops me is a fair few places all use the same photo for the listing and on more than one occasion I’ve seen polar and snowbank have the same photo sometimes even at the same nursery so I’m not sure which one to get really. But snowbank seems awesome by virtue of being a Burbank creation.

If I didn’t know any better I would think this is an ordinary flowering bush. :open_mouth:


you get both, There both Rubus allegheniensis. In my experience polar would not set fruit until the snowbank also flowered. Wild blackberries on the otherside of the yard where not close enough to provide pollination and none of the modern cultivars bloomed anyware near the Rubus allegheniensis with one exception and I think its 6x hybrid.

I am about to mow down tons of runners. I can send you some. Wont be able to tell you if there snow or polar untill they set fruit.

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Looks like you’re going to get a decent yield. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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I let my Snowbank and Polars get a little out of control. They constantly grow past the trellis

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