Anyone with scarlet crush, bakers delight or crunch a bunch

How is it going this year anyone have a few on tree? Last year I believe someone said crunch a bunch was just ok and nothing to write home about. Curious to see if they improve. I have crunch a bunch and bakers delight have some apples. Still to small for scarlet crush. Maybe next year.

I have Baker Delight and Crunch A Bunch. Mine are in M27 so they are about 5-6 ft tall. So far, they have fruited biennially, in 2019 and this year.

My limited experience : Baker Delight is a red skinned apple. It tasted OK, nothing stood out. From the name, I guess it could be good for a culinary purpose but I don’t know.

Crunch A Bunch was excellent the first year. Its taste and look is similar to Gold Rush but earlier, which is good since my Gold Rush does not reliably ripen in time for me.

I believe @Johnthecook and @BobVance have these varieties, too. All three of us are in New England.

I think @speedster1 has Scarlet Crush.

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I have Scarlett Crush and this is the first year I’ll get any harvest. I think there are only about 5 apples on it so hopefully some will survive until harvest. From the looks of it I’m guessing it’s 3-4 weeks away but we will see.

Yes I thought Goldrush and Crunch A Bunch are similar.

Well like @mamuang taste of bakers delight was just ok. Made some apple sauce and wow it was a hit. So I’d try baking also tried dehydrated chips those were good too. My crunch a bunch I suspect is mislabeled. I’ll take a picture later here is baker delight. @speedster1 any scarlet crush yet?

My Baker Delight is red.

If the apple in your pic was ripe, it is not Baker Delight.

BD and CaB are under patent so to grow them, you need to buy the trees.

I had some red ones this was under a bunch of leaves, and yes I bought these from gurneys

Were the seeds of that apple turned brown yet? My BD just start to turn red. It will be a few more weeks. Mine is on M27 so very small tree.

Yes dark brown to black seeds I’ve got a few more left I’ll take another picture and split it in half too. What alerted me was I noticed more and more dropping

Mine are turning red.

But the ones in a shadier area are not as red.

I did harvest a few Scarlet Crush this year. Don’t remember if I posted pics of it. I liked it a lot. It had traits of both of its parents. Nice snappy crunch and probably a little more depth of flavor than HC.

Here is bakers delight all had dark seeds
image image image

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Here is my crunch a bunch they look green. I cut one open and seeds a dark brown taste was ok still tasted like a slight unripe apple.

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My Crunch A Bunch looks (and tastes) similar to Gold Rush, mostly pale green to pale yellow.

Yeah I suspect a mislabeled tree I don’t see any red blush on yours and mine are still showing more green than anything like pale yellow.

I don’t know if your climate affects the shape and coloring of both of your apple varieties.

Your Baker’s Delight are long in shape, reminding me of low chill apples.

@mamuang your lenticules are dark whereas mine are white unless they get darker soon I don’t have gold rush fruiting yet. Here is another crunch a bunch apple I took.

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I took the ziplock bags off and took some pics.

Baker’s Delight, In more shade and in more sun.

Crunch A Bunch, one in shade and another in the sun.

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My Crunch A Bunch (dumb name) are a little more elongated, starting to turn yellow. I have a backup branch grafted to a tree that also has Goldrush. Its fruiting for the first time this year.

I just picked the 2nd damaged one, so ripening a little earlier. The first one we got a few pieces off. It was very crisp, juicy, decent amount of sugar but quite tart. My daughter really liked it, and I saw that it has lots of promise when more ripened. I was worried it would be a lightweight like Honeycrisp, but the texture seemed great but still seemed to have some substance.