Appalachian dogwoods

A university in TN has developed several disease resistant dogwood cultivars:
Appalachian Joy
Appalachian Snow
Appalachian Blush

If my memory serves me correctly. I think they are all descendents of Appalachian Spring, another wild found disease resistant dogwood.

They are difficult to find for sale online. At least at this time of the year.

Anyone try these out or know where is a good place to get them?


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Your best bet is about April and visit a top of the line garden center (and pay the price they ask).

Unless you have a resale license, in that case you might be able to buy in McMinnville, TN or possibly Corbin, KY. from a grower.

Yes I found a grower with them in McMinnville Tn but they want a $500 order minimum. I’ve never heard of Corbin KY I’ll check it out thanks.

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Most growers aren’t interested in selling one tree.
Although some might if you’re offering them
the full price a garden center sells them for.

But most are ‘wholesale only’ as they don’t compete against their main customers.