Apple banana in greenhouse

I was inspired by someone do start doing this again. Growing bananas in the ground inside the greenhouse. Here is the Apple banana that had to re-grow from last year’s 5-foot stem. It was planted late Sept and has since rooted. Here it is Oct 9 putting out a new leaf.


Here is an update on the Apple banana plant. It had been dormant since late December. A new leaf is starting to emerge from the top. I hope it survives!



Your banana looks better than mine. Yours did lose some leaves but not all.

Mine lost nearly all the old leaves. But it’s growing again. It has put out two really damaged leaves and now two smaller leaves about 10% the size of last summers leaves. I think the new leaves yet to emerge will get bigger. What I’d hope for is about 6 more full sized leaves and then a flower.

I think what hurt mine was cold soil in the pot. The roots couldn’t function enough to supply water to 10 big leaves. I was running 37 at night and 50s by day for 45 days during chill cycle.

The base on mine is about 8 inches diameter. The new pup is about 3ft tall. The original was a tiny 8 inch tall start one year ago. It put out about 25-30 leaves last year.



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Returned from Cuba and surprise it was open. Sadly pointing toward the cold side.