Apple borer/pest identification HELP

I noticed what looks like damage from a boring insect – there is some reddish “paste” coming out of the hole, with what looks like some sawdust slightly below (see attached pic). Does anyone know what this is and how to take care of it? This is a 3-yr old CrimsonCrisp apple, and the damage is about 3 ft up the trunk from the ground.


You need to insert a thin wire, because the borer goes uphill, go as high as you can, to kill the insect. You should see that the wire will be wet, have yellow fluid on it. After that, disinfect the hole and place a tree paste.

Thank you - will try that!

Well I put an extended paperclip wire up there as high as it would go (went about 3 inches up!). I didn’t get any wet fluid at the end, and it didn’t feel like any insect was up there at the top. I ended up just sealing the hole anyway.

Do I take a chance and see if the tree looks healthy above that bore hole, or make a heading cut right below the hole during winter dormancy?