Apple Breeding article

Here is what I think, a very good and informative article on apple breeding. I suggest this article to anyone who finds apple breeding an interesting subject. There are a few points made worth questioning at least, but overall a very well written piece. Read and comment if you like. Bob Vance, I’m sure you’ll find this interesting if you haven’t already seen it.

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I believe that blog might from one of our very own forum members. @Auburn, is that yours?

That’s a great article! Thank you Appleseed.

It makes me want to try. Unfortunately I just hand pollinated all of my apples with Prairie Fire crab, lovely and very full of pollen, but the apples are beebee size.

The plums might be an option. I suspect one of the plum trees that came with my place was seed-grown, and those plums taste pretty good to me.