Apple Disease identification help needed

I have seven apple trees all about two or three years old.

Three have been relatively bug and disease free.

Pink Lady

But these three have had more issues, for example Rosey Aphid, and then now this browning and dying of the leaves and branches on

Gold Rush

Can someone please tell me what is causing this browning dying of some leaves and branches??

image2 (1)
image1 (1)

I would definitely get a second opinion, but that looks like fire blight to me.


Looks like fireblight to me.


Thank you! That is a big help. I am doing some research on it now. Seems like the aphids gave extra entry to the blight, so I need to be more diligent about that next year.

Let me know if you have any advice on best treatments.

John in Kentucky

Remove affected branches immediately and burn or otherwise destroy. You will want to take out significantly more than the affected section. Clean pruners with alcohol between cuts of the same or different trees. Make sure the wood at the cut looks green and unaffected. Fireblight spreads quickly throughout the tree and into neighboring trees. If removal of the branches does not stop the infection, you will have to cut further. If fireblight moves into the trunk you may lose the tree.

I have found that a copper spray during dormancy or streptomycin during bloom prevents fireblight in most cases. Don’t prune during rain or when rain is expected. Consider rootstock with some resistance to fireblight in future purchases. It may help the spread.