Apple flowers on one year old growth

I have a 4 year old golden russet apple that I overpruned last year. The few spurs it had were nibbled off by a rabbit in the winter. I gave up on having fruit this year. But lo and behold all the crazy vigerous growth is full of flowers. Is this a normal pattern of flowering? Inalway thiugh it would be on tips or 2+ year old growth.


I have a Golden Russet. It is supposed to be a tip bearer apple. I have some flowers on spurs but more at the tips. The amount of non-tip flowers you have is amazing. Are you sure it’s a Golden Russet?

My Golden Russet fruits every year, a reliable cropper for me.

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Its from a reliable nursery but this is the first year fruiting. This is what has me so surprised. Seemingly no flowers whatsoever on growth below last year. It looks like my Ashmeads kernel is about to do the same thing beside it too.

My pink lady on semi dwarf and zestar! on standard rootstock are all trying to flower in their first year. My cherries are flowering in their second year. The websites say it is supposed to be something like 3-4 years until fruit. In my experience grafted trees naturally want to fruit because the scion is of a older age. Only thing that may hold it back is overturning from the nursery and even that does not keep it back much if at all.

Interesting. I have a Calville Blanc graft on my frankentree that is doing the same thing. I’ll remove all the blossoms, though. It’s just too small to allow it to set fruit.