Apple Genealogy

I have a graft/genealogy question and a link to offer. I thought this chart was really interesting. I like tracing the parents of apples, but can’t seem to keep things like that straight in my head. From Ashmeads Kernel and older to SweeTango, it traces the lineage of around 400 apples. It gives a general color description and the country of origin. This is the first visual chart of this type I have seen. I traced a few and they were right on. I thought you might enjoy taking a look at it.

Question: I have heard that closely related cultivars cant pollinate each other. Does that sound right? Should that influence my choice of tree that I place a graft on if I have trees in the same lineage and I’m adding it primarily for pollination?


I know you have several apple trees…so cross pollination should not be a problem. (But, closely related genetics can sometimes not be a pollinator…still this is a pretty rare thing.)