Apple Graft Callous Temperature

Is there a temperature range for apple grafts to callous? Do they callous faster at a certain temp?

When I read up on it what I found was no callous below 32 F and death of callous tissue at 104 F. The optimum temp seemed to be around 70 F . Again that is what I could find on it.


Perfect, thanks @chartman . Today I went to Lowe’s bought a Red Delicious semi-dwarf apple and grafted it over to Keener Seedling and a couple others. This May 19 is the latest I’ve tried something like this. I may put on aluminum foil shields. I left no nurse limbs. Put 'er in the ground right side up and hope for best.


Any ideas what rootstock they are selling over at Lowe’s?

Might be M 111- looks big.