Apple graft elbowed

I accidentally elbowed an apple graft while trying to look at an other. It didn’t come out, but did get moved, I quickly centered it and it seems firm. It was just budding. What are the chances it’s doomed?

Pretty high- but not 100%.

Seems to me I do that same thing every dern year! Three days ago I did that to a Harrow Delight on my pear, and it’s still alive, but as a rule these things don’t turn out well.

Good luck. You’ve just paid a little more tuition in the school of hard knocks.



Ohh rats!

How tightly you wrap the graft?

I bumped a few of mine. They did not move but I was afraid I would break it or knock the growing buds off.

I used that electric splicing self adhesive, but maybe I didn’t wrap tight enough. I’m pretty sure a swing from my elbow dead center would knock loose most grafts.