Apple Grilled Cheese

Here’s a slightly modified version of a recipe from “The Apple Lover’s Cookbook”. It’s an Apple and Mustard Grilled Cheese sandwich. I used honey mustard, Swiss cheese and thinly sliced Evercrisp apples. You can certainly vary your cheeses and mustards to taste. This combo was mild enough to not overpower the apple. The book recommends a tart apple. I had left over fresh mandoline slices from drying so I used those. Gold Rush would be good. I will use that next time but the Evercrisp was very good and flavorful.


Nice! One of my favorite hearty lunches is grilled cheddar/bacon/pickled jalapenos, but you could easily -and beneficially- swap out the jalapenos with apple or pear.

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Going right now to pull a goldrush out of the fridge :slight_smile: